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Clinical Need

There is a significant ongoing shortfall of ICU ventilators in Low and Middle-Income Countries (LMIC), and Newly Emerging Economies (NEE)


In Sub-Saharan Africa, the disparity in mortality for patients requiring mechanical ventilation is related to the lack of resources, limited numbers of trained medical staff, and financial constraints.

Critical Care volume 27, Article number: 37 (2023)

RELAVENT was developed to revolutionise respiratory support and provide affordable ICU ventilation in LMIC and NEE regions.  RELAVENT will save lives.

Medical need

Thousands enter hospital in need of  ventilator support. Lack of resources means that clinicians have difficult decisions to make: “Who to save?”


Treatment of patients with sepsis, trauma, and respiratory diseases - Flu, TB, Pneumonia - is often dependent on the availability of fully functioning ventilators.

Ventilation provides a therapeutic window of time where patients can be stabilised, receive treatment, and be nursed back to independent breathing.

The problem

There is a massive shortfall of high quality, new, affordable, and easy to maintain ventilators in LMICs and NEEs.


These countries currently depend on second-hand ventilators that are expensive to service, and too complex to operate in challenging environments.


Training and technical support are often  impossible to deliver.


“Countless preventable deaths occur in low-income countries primarily due to a lack of functioning ventilators.”

Journal of Pan African Thoracic Society

the solution

  • A new award-winning concept that delivers clear advantages to everyone caring for the patient.

  • New affordable, fully functioning ventilators.

  • Ventilation performance required for ICU care.

  • A unique design which vastly reduces the number of parts required facilitating maintenance.

  • Simple ventilator operation that enables minimal training time with a short learning curve.

  • A ventilator that functions in challenging environments where power is intermittent and oxygen supplies are variable.

  • Unique technology suitable for use at patient bedside outside of ICU, and for future development.



Let the world breathe.

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