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Clinical Need

In March, 2020, WHO declared Covid-19 a pandemic. 

30% of all hospitalised patients with the virus develop severe pneumonia and require mechanical ventilation.

RELAVENT was developed with the mission to revolutionise respiratory care and provide affordable mechanical ventilation in ICUs in LMIC and NEE regions where disease burden and ventilation solutions significantly affect patient survival.

SUpply Chain 

Covid-19 has placed the medical supply chain under strain due to unprecedented demand for equipment. This leads to bottlenecks that limit the manufacturing of  specialised components. As manufacturers are unable to meet the growing demand, there is a need for an easy-to-manufacture alternative that can be produced independently of the medical supply chain. 

Medical need

Without ICU ventilation, 30% of those hospitalised from COVID-19 would die from complications due to pneumonia. A ventilator gives critical patients time to fight the infection.  This makes it a vital equipment in the fight against the virus and other respiratory diseases. The worldwide ventilator shortfall was 880,000 in April 2020. Demand for ICU ventilation in High Income Countries was fulfilled, but shortfalls reimain in Newly Emerging Economies (NEE) and Low to Middle Income Countries (LMIC), adding to an already existing burden due to TB, Pneumonia, Flu, Malaria and Trauma. In Central Africa, a population of 300 million had less than 2,000 available ventilators. 


Standard equipment costs around £35,000 per ventilator. To  meet the clinical need, governments are placing orders for limited amounts that would hardly meet the demand, while still placing a great financial burden. There is a need for a more accessible ventilator to give all people an equal chance of survival. 

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