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RELAVENT delivers the functionality required to safely and effectively ventilate patients for COVID-19 and numerous other respiratory conditions. It requires minimal user training and technical support. 

Design Features

Pressure Regulated Volume Control (PRVC) mode

Breath sensing to assist weaning off from ventilator

Positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) controllable electronically

Watchdog circuits, alarms, safety cut-offs, and features to help prevent the ventilator damaging patient lungs


• Four on-off solenoids

• Two pressure sensors

• 2L pressure reservoir

   –Flow measured based on pressure drop across Inhalation Valve

   –Control algorithms based on system dynamics with closed-loop refinement

   –Novel exhalation control using Exhalation Value (JAMVENT IP)

   –Designed for >10 million breaths

Training for users and service engineers

Robust control approaches, simple operation of essential ventilation modes

Minimises gas consumption


Easy to service using locally available parts supply

Manufactured to the highest safety standards as per most expensive ventilators

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Low complexity, minimal moving parts – mechanical bag or bellows types offer limited reliability


The graphical user interface is designed to be familiar to clinicians with experience of ICU ventilators, minimising additional time to gain familiarity.

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